Experience Matters

We are still babies living in a world at the beginning of a new age. With “The Information Revolution” communicating at the speed of light has become the “norm”. Comparatively speaking, Gutenberg was a monkey banging on rocks. Communications technology that provides the very backbone of this revolution is ever-evolving. Some of us knew back in 1995 that there was already a revolution brewing.

Worldwide communications.

Worldwide markets. Worldwide Hacking. Some of us started back then to begin a journey that would lead us through a forest of phones, modems, DSL, Fiber, servers, computers and backups. Some of us saw the power of the World Wide Web as the biggest market that had ever been given to man and business. There were some that knew with this new way doing things, there would be dangers of the web. Many of us knew some things would never change. Some of us studied Cyber Security. And sadly some of us have dropped away. But, I am one that has not, and to this day I thank God that I love what I do. It is a fantastic adventure with only one end.
I am proud of my talents and humbled by what I see ahead of me. The Future…

Network Administration

With over twenty five years of real world experience of Network monitoring, testing networks for weaknesses, installing and implementing security programs and evaluating implementing network upgrades.

SEO Campaigns

Full SEO e-commerce, web engineering, web design, web content development, Ad Words, Google Analytics, keyword research, white hat relevant safe SEO tactics. SEO is used to get the site to the top of its searchable field.

Tier 3 Support

I am used to being responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced IT problems. I am an expert at troubleshooting and using analysis methods to resolve issues. Remote computer repair for troubleshooting software or hardware related problems via remote desktop connections used along with on site support.

Web Development

Well versed in graphic design / web design. Building information architecture and copy-writing/copy-editing with web usability, accessibility using CSS3. HTML5. Bootstrap. PHP.

Technical Support Manager

Overseer of the work of engineering, IT or maintenance staff to ensure that all jobs are completed on time, within budget, and meet the client’s needs. Maintain physical inventory levels and replenish equipment as needed. Designing and implementing improved process or operational policies.

Freelance Work

Of course as time and necessities change or short term opportunities presented themselves,Freelance work is lucrative and a great way to push your boundaries, but I always prefer to work in a team. The wealth of knowledge in a team is very appealing to me. But freelance work always plays a part of what I do. If you need a contract CLICK HERE

Something About Me

I have been perusing my carrier for over 26 years. I have experience in the real world of IT. I know that tenacity, logic, and experience are the first ingredients of problem solving. The strengths I put on the table is finding answers fast using training, common sense, and years getting things right. This is not bragging, but at the end of the day, this better be the end conclusion of your efforts.

Although I have years of knowledge I am constantly revitalizing my knowledge. In this field you swim or sink, and so I know I still have years of learning ahead of me.

Regarding Information Technology and business I have over 26 years of successful accomplishments. From the field of managing support teams, to writing procedures that follow standards from the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) in order to steer the company towards ISO/IEC 20000. I have worked my way up from tech support desk (1995) to IT coordinator and into the world of web based development. I have kept skills at Rock Star levels regarding Admin work. I love all the work equally and I believe in mentoring and being mentored.

Years Spent as a Network Administrator

23 Years

Years Spent as a Website Developer

23 Years


11 Years


26 Years

Work History

I did not start out with a career path as an IT specialist. My first love is cooking. I owned and operated my own Mediterranean café back in 1994. Although computers always fascinated me, even back in 1981 playing with my roommates TRS-80 Pocket Computer writing BASIC all night in our dorm room I did not see the future staring me in the face. Fast forward to 1995 I realized that the evolution of computers and communications was now becoming a revolution of sorts, and I wanted to be a part of it. I sold my Café and bought my first 386 computer and started PC Computers. Teaching people how to use Windows 95 and 3.1 was the first money I had ever made from using a computer. I still teach (for free) today. I’ve never stopped learning and applying since then. I now consider my journey a never ending one, but more of a personal revolution on its own.














Web, Networks, Design

My Resume

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Years in IT


Years Network Admin


Years Building Sites


Years S E O

Freelance Pricing Table

Freelance or Contractual work is always negotiable according to clients’ needs or Scope of Work. Professional Services are completely playable to needs and time. This is meant to give my clients a place of cost expectations.

Network Administrator

  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Repair
  • Upgrade
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Website and App Developer

  • Hoisting
  • Website
  • Applications
  • Modernizing
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IT Professional Services

  • Management
  • Advisor
  • Security
  • SEO Management
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